Download HDRI Collection Sky Daytime

After yesterday I shared about  downloading a collection of morning sky hdri  , so this time I will share about some sky hdri during the day for free here. all 16 hdri are ready to download. and everything I compressed into 2 zip files.

Download HDRI Collection Sky Daytime
HDRI Afternoon Sky

Installing this hdri is perfect for those of you who want to make the biground background in the sketchup design during the day real and neat. so the design farther away looks realistic. It is suitable for your home, hotel or sketchup building.

You can access the hdri that is in this post directly from the site, namely  with the size of 2048x1024px which is free to download. but must first register to be able to access the download. 

So here I am making it easy with direct access to the hdri collection, which I divided into two zip files. The following is the collection of the hdri:
That's all about  downloading the afternoon sky hdri  that I shared this time. For a bigger resolution size of  20000x10000px  please buy and download directly at the official wisite above.

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