How to Change Sketchup Templates

This tutorial will discuss how to easily change sketchup templates. This setting is very important for us if we want to draw on SketchUp. And this basic technique must be understood by beginners because it can make it easier for us to draw. Personally I always change or change the template when the theme of the image I am working on changes. For example, drawing houses, furniture or interiors all use different templates. So it's natural that we mutually change.

Tutorial on How to Change Templates on Sketchup

First step

The first window that appears when we open SketchUp, we can choose the template or choose template to replace it. But if we do not check always show on startup then the window will disappear when we open Sketchup, then how to replace it can be done when we are on the Sketchup worksheet.

Second way

  • click on the window> preferences

  • After the system preferences window appears, click the template and select the template that will be used

TUTORIAL How to Change Sketchup Templates

  • Finally click ok to save.
It's easy, Tutorial how to change the template in sketchup is very basic or basic so newbies in the field of architectural design must know and understand

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