How to use Vismat and Vrmat on Vray Sketchup

This time I will share a tutorial on how to use vismat and vrmat on vray sketchup easily. the method is quite easy and simple, even for those of you who are beginners and even though you can learn rendering can use it.

oh yeah, make sure you have installed Sketchup and installed the vray first, Just look at the tutorial steps using the vismat material below.

How to Use Vismat Vray Sketchup
Using Vismat Vray

1. Enter the sketchup toolbar and select the meterial editor (letter M)
2. After that a new window will appear, select the color or material that will be imported vismat on the material list, then right-click on the color
3. select import material
vismat vray tutorial
vismat vray tutorial

4. then a new window will appear, and select the material vismat or vrmat be used
5. open

what do you do? still confused?, fill your questions. In the comments column, the above method can be applied in all versions of vray, but there is a slight difference in appearance ... and hopefully this article is useful and if useful don't forget to share.

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