How to Soften Line Angle in Sketchup

SketchUp Tutorials this time will share how smooth the edge lines or corners on design drawings with ease. Does not require any additional plugin, simply by using the native features of " soften edges ". 2 benefit these features: first, it could make the line disappear angle (soften coplanar). Second, it could make into look obtuse angle (smooth normal), consider the image below.

How to Soften Line Angle in Sketchup

There are 3 pictures over the cube, the cube first without effect, the second using coplanar soften, and the third using normal smooth. There are significant differences among the three cubes on top, second cube visible lines begin to disappear, while the third to appear curved corner. It is up to where you need both of them only need the edges soften wrote, the following is a guide:

Tutorial How to Soften Line Angle In Sketchup With Ease

  • First, open edges soften window by clicking the window - the default tray - soften edges, then the default window will appear tray.
How to Soften Line Sketchup

  • Furthermore - click on the object - check the coplanar soften / smooth normal and slide angle between normals
How to Soften Line Angle in Sketchup
How to refine Angle Line in Sketchup

It's easy is not it, how smooth the corner disketchup line could be applied to all versions of the games by beginners just learning SketchUp doing so could create a design that you create will increasingly look neat and attractive, there is no harm in trying jad

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