How to Make shadow In Sketchup without plugins

In the design of an architecture, interior and even exterior shadow effect as something very important, why is it important ??, it is because the shadow effect on the image which is more realistic, including if you use SketchUp when drawing. For that this time sketchupindonesia will share a tutorial, which is how this makes shadow easily, without plugins. Because basically the shadow feature has existed in SketchUp itself.However the standard way is not activated. While the contraption in use this time is sketchup, 2017, all versions of both the 2008 and the 2018 are all already there. well how lethal shadow in SketchUp or make it very easy, follow the steps below:

Step How To Make shadow In Sketchup

First step

  • activated toolbars shadow: klik view - toolbars 
How to Create a Shadow Effect On Sketchup

  • After that there will be a toolbars appear, select the shadow , and a new window will appear, and then close toolbars.

Shadow Effect On Sketchup

  • After appearing window you can adjust shadow shadow effect according your needs by swiping left and right.

 Shadow Effect On Sketchup

Both ways

  • Enable On shadow tray: click the window the tray - and check the  shadow .

tutorial sketchup

  • This will bring up a window tray shadows, and settings as needed.

How to Create a Shadow Effect On Sketchup

A few of the steps made in SketchUp shadow through two ways, the way it is very easy to apply with their respective strengths, cnamun personally I often use the first method

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