How to Create a Mirror In Vray SketchUp

SketchUp Tutorials this time will share tutorial how you can create a mirror for use vray sketchup rendering, so that the results are as real and realistic. Mirror is a reflection effect as well as glass, is suitable for the material for the mirror. SketchUp how to create a mirror in order to reflect the actual picture is relatively easy once, but for you guys who are still learning rendering Vray or novice, may seem a bit difficult, and hopefully this time my post helpful to you, see the tutorial below:

How to Create a Mirror In SketchUp Vray To be realistic

1. Click on tolbar vray material editor 
2. Select the material that you are installing mirrors on the material list and right click - create layer - reflection.  
create a mirror vray sketchup

3. This will bring up a new window, change the value of reflection and filter by 1.0 as 10.0 or more.
4. Then right click in the material that has been on the edit and then apply a material to selection 
5. then render
tutorial make glass in SketchUp

The result Approximately As Under It

How to Create a Mirror In Vray SketchUp

about how to make a mirror, it is all the basic settings for vray sketchup, set all the components needed for a more realistic, so do not be afraid to experiment.

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