Rendering software for SketchUp

Hello, this time I'm not reviewing sketchup learning tutorial but a review of the widely used Rendering Software for SketchUp. I used to know just vray ... but the narrow view changed after I studied with one of my friends who used Kerkythea for rendering, after that I learned that the sketchup rendering tool is not V-Ray but there are many more so here a tool for Render for SketchUp.

List of Rendering Software for SketchUp

1. V-Ray for SketchUp

Rendering software for SketchUp
vray sketchup rendering results
V - Ray is one of the most used redering plugins for SketchUp. I think personally as a beginner in the world of rendering vray darling, think it's the easiest of the others. Many people assume that V-Ray is one of the best rendering tools in the increasingly developing world of 3D modeling. and including the best for SketchUp. That is why V-Ray SketchUp can be the best solution for your rendering needs. besides that vray is always updated every year to become the newest version, there are lots of additional features that have been added to improve its rendering capabilities. the purchase price is quite expensive, but I am afraid that the trial version is also true ... v ray for sketchup 3.6 trial 30 days.

2. Kerkythea for SketchUp

SketchUp Rendering
rendering of kerythea
Kerkythea is a freeware application with almost complete rendering features for sketchup for realistic rendering. This is a SketchUp plug-in so you can enjoy the benefits of Kerkythea for free. just download it from the official Kerkythea website , and enjoy all the convenience of rendering for free or free.

3. Podium for SketchUp

Rendering software for SketchUp
the results of the podium rendering for sketchup
SU Podium is a rendering tool for SketchUp that offers one-click direct integration with the SketchUp environment. The Podium Interface display is quite simple and basically has a duaslider for lighting and reflection settings. you can also set anti-aliasing. besides that the rendering process is faster when compared to other rendering tools. besides paying you can also get the free version via the direct website, SU Podium

 4. Blender

Rendering software for SketchUp
rendering process
Blender is an all-in-one 3D Suite modeling and animation that can be used as software for SketchUp rendering. you can produce computer-generated images and make films using Blender. I myself am not very familiar with this software, because I know only to make animated images, but there is no harm in trying, just download from the official website at this supporter software is free / free lhoo. 

so much about some of  the widely used Rendering Software for SketchUp , maybe there are still many more rendering tools out there but I don't know enough, so if there are additional please submit from the comments column.

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