Overcoming Toolbar Not Appear in Sketchup Vray

you've put Vray 2.0 or 3.0, but when I opened Sketchup not appear buttons or toolbarsVray in SketchUp?. it may be caused by several things. 
  • The first, perhaps because it is not compatible with your SketchUp, usually happens when we put vray for sketchup the previous version in the latest SketchUp or vice versa, and the solution is looking sketchup vray fitting for you.
  • second, most likely you are wrong in the process mengistal vray in SketchUp and how to solve it is to install vray back the right way

and if you are sure that already compatible or pass and how to install vray in SketchUp is correct perhaps the problem is because the toolbar vray hidden (HIDDEN) and then did not appear in SketchUp.

solution to cope with vray toolbar does not appear in SketchUp

first step 

go to Window> Preferences> Extensions;
Overcoming Toolbar Vray Not Appear
Overcoming Toolbar Vray Not Appear

check if no then you may install vray the wrong way and could also be caused by the first factor above.
and if there is sure V-Ray for SketchUp has been flagged (check),
Restart sketchup

the second way

if the first method above is done and vray toolbar still does not come out, it is likely vray toolbar is hidden, then to present it in the way you can using current below.

- Go to View> Toolbars ; 
Overcoming Vray Not Appear in Sketchup
Overcoming Vray Not Appear in Sketchup

- Select the "V-Ray for SketchUp."
- finished

it is usually the case in all variants SketchUp either 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. If the final version is installed properly and does not appear to Vray SketchUp toolbar, the toolbar in fact it already exists but not displayed, how to cope with the two methods above.

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