How to Overcome Not Responding on Sketchup

For those of you SketchUp user, you certainly are not rare or even often encounter problems when using SketchUp is not responding, and we must wonder why there is not responding ?, what ?, causes and how to overcome the problem of not responding to the SketchUp?, That some question about a problem that frequently occurs is not responding to my mind. for that this time I will answer these questions based on personal experience.

Not Responding problems in Sketchup
The picture above shows Not Responding on Sketchup occur when first opened

Cause not responding in SketchUp and how to overcome them

there are many causes that make a laptop, netbook or computer not responding when opening SketchUp, both the old version, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or the latest version of the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 basically has a similar problem, the following is the cause of  it:

specifications of the laptop, netbook or computer is low (less qualified)

generally this is a matter of the utmost importance, although basically using laptop medium is enough for drawing using SketchUp, for example, have my (acer 4730Z) with dual core processor and ram only 1gb light enough to draw using SketchUp standard but there are times when having problems not responding.

the solution is upgraid tool, for example by adding RAM or buy new ones with higher specifications than previously

too many plugins (extensions) installed

I think this is an effect because if we are too much to install a plugin (extension) on the SketchUp application will work much harder and I often experience, especially when you first open SketchUp certainly always have not responding. and that's what makes makes me dizzy 7 circumference.

how to cope with not responding to the SketchUp on this issue is to simply upload the plugin Unistall are not needed, this method is very effective to relieve the performance of the application. just use plugins necessary only. see also:  how m enyesuaikan Toolbars and Menus in SketchUp

too many orders at the same time

mean too many orders at the same time for example we use the copy-paste function when using a paste we simultaneously also click on the screen while waiting for the loading can also open the file you click on the screen, and much more. it is very trivial but in my opinion is very influential, it is because the computer will work more slowly due to perform the same command.

how to cope with not responding due to it quite easily. do not rush to use SketchUp and perform commands one by one do not coincide

so many of my way to overcome not responding in SketchUp . If you have a question, solution or other causes please add in the comments field so that we can shararing together, so and hopefully useful.

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